The History of Yachting in Hungary

Book of Gyapai  1927Book of Gyapai 1927the book mockupthe book mockup Our senior friend, Eugene Dulin, captain of Ábránd (yacht class Europe 30), multi times hungarian champion and winner of Balaton Cup, has worked for more years on his new book having the title above.

The last book with similar subject was published in Hungary more than 80 years ago, it was written by Nándor Gyapai. Eugene collected and reviewed lots of old sources. He wrote the chapters and had the mockup of the book make: it would be a favourite book for fans of watersports and sailing. Eugene has tried to find a way for publishing the book since year 2002.

Yachtladies and yachtmen, fans of waters, lovers of beautiful books! Do expect publication of the new book, do feed its fame toward the interested readers!