"... sails off, anchor down, take the reed!!! "

getting sail afternoongetting sail afternoonOne of our sportfriend used to mention an episode, how a helmsman shouted at his crew when a storm began blow out. His guy had no an idea about the task with the highest urgency ...

Well, now we do not face a gust, but a nice event approaches. The narrow location where many of us started sailing would celebrate a jubilee in year 2011. It was 50 years ago so Velence-lake Water Sport Association (Agárd, Fejér County) was established. The anniversary offers more meetings and events for the sport community during the year, out of the series the first happened at early February.

Members of the community are gently asked for collecting the awards, photos and other evidences of the past and making it available for the organizer committee

Further sources (part in hungarian):

  • VVSI website, Hírek (News) 50 éves a Velencei-tavi Vízisport Szövetség (the 50 years anniversary of Velence-lake Water Sport Association
  • photos from the early years of Agárd: here
  • VVSz 50 a forum (in hungarian) for conversations here
  • review Peter's sailing career: in hungarian
  • ... meanwhile enjoy our favourite music, The Golden Sixties