Spotlight on old Budapest - from 1936

This is a fresh public e-mail, while contains an ever lasting value. Budapest before World War II.

Abby reported in danger ... / OUTCOME: IN HEALTH, IN SAFETY!

Abby at end of JanuaryAbby at end of JanuaryThe young californian yachtlady, Abigail Sunderland (16, on solo round-the-world trip, homeward) is reported as being in trouble in the Indian Ocean. She has sailed somewhere halfway between Madagaskar and Australia. Weather conditions take 60 knots wind, 20-25 foot wawes - she sent unexpectedly two emergency alerts.

According to the family newsdesk she should be able to find some workaround in the tough situation.

Polány Passion Performance

Polányi Passion ad 2010Polányi Passion ad 2010A hint for visotors, friends, aquaintances - we kindly draw the attention at the famous Polány Passion. As far as you can afford, come and attend one of the performances at this 10 years jubilee milestone!

Mahagóni koncert - Bécs

meghívómeghívóSzeretettel várjuk az érdeklődőket holnap esti koncertünkre.
Gergő - Noémi - Nóra

A koncertterem egy ódon épületben van. Hihetetlen, hogy egy ilyen régi környezet önmagában milyen hatással van az előadőra. A koncert előtt volt bő négy órám bejátszani és gyakorolni - mondhatom nagyon élvezetes volt.

Jól sikerült koncertet tudhatunk a hátunk mögött. Nem voltak sokan hallgatók, de akik ott voltak nagyra értékelték az előadást.

happy New Year friends!

happy New Year!happy New Year!

our village, Telki - office of local government

Merry Christmas from Telki!Merry Christmas from Telki!

The Great Global Warming Swindle

A remarkable material to the debate of the subject area.

Peaceful days of Advent!

We wish peaceful days of Advent for each of our visitors!We wish peaceful days of Advent for each of our visitors!

amazing 470 sailing

470470 This is a beautiful, we can state artistical photo, revealing authentic beauty of 470 sailing. The couple of yachtmen takes the yacht in relaxed comfort, trimming is proper for millimeter precision (lines on the sail, as wind indicators report), run of the boat breaks through the waves.

... craft ...

Remembering the 470 period (1972-78) of our yachtman career I've thought, so this picture should have a place here too.


Toward castles of Hungary

Following this direction you leave our website toward the Castles of Historical Hungary website, where you can browse and find reference information about the forts and castles built in Hungary during the last thousand years.

As far as you're interested in such virtual excursions, please click on the picture below. Have a joyful trip that can offer interesting lessons!
a gate to historical walksa gate to historical walks
(c) Szabó Tibor and colleagues

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