Valentin six weeks old

sleeping lionletsleeping lionletOur lion-kid became six weeks old today.

Since my arrival too he's visibly increased the weight, he's walked toward a real man-like appearance. Since Sunday morning, he's made us happy so he started sleep daytime in two or even three hours long in one take. It's a phrase, an eternal truth that parents are satisfied from seeing their children in comfort and happyness; what the deep content of this belief is with a male baby crying! Every baby is a unique, great puzzle, whom we need to build a dedicated synchron with. Despite we have had previous experiences with children, we must learn the indications, the daily movement and operation of every such a little human beings.

The image was shot three days ago, at night, after having a long show and lots of turn walking until he got silent and slept quiet in my hand.

Huhhhh! ... That's all I can say.

Thanks and regards from Berlin

well, here I'm ...well, here I'm ...
Dear Friends!

Thank you all for the greetings, congratulations and tones of the shared joy you have sent to the birth of our little son. With Dad's help we filed all of them in this electronical memory book.

We are in good conditions, Valentine is to be soon three weeks old. He has good appetite, gets increase in the weight, he is a lovely baby. You can see him in the attached photo as he enjoys warm nesting by the arms of Alex's father. My Mom spent already a while with us, Dad would be to come in October. All in all, everything is OK around us.

Thank you once again, so many of you joined us in this nice family progress. Along Valentine's grawing, further news are to come.

We send our regards with love from Berlin,
Alex, Nóri, Valentin

On Judith's tour ...

Judith Durham sings a tourJudith Durham sings a tour At the time of the current series of great jubilees, sport events we have a concert in the opposite corner of the world! Click on the picture!

It is a tale that just a few seniors of us in Europe remember this lady with her great voice! I send my cheers to Judith's forthcoming tour. And you ?! ...


Vitéz arrived to the first target port

Gábor Rakonczay completed the first stage of his transatlantic canoe expedition. He arrived at port Las Palmas (Canary Islands) after cruising about 650 nautical miles (1200 kilometers) within 17 days.

First time achievement over the World!
Salute and congratulation!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

A remarkable watersport news ...

A remarkable watersport news ...

Paul McCartney is married again

A great favourite of our youth, composer of The Beatles, Paul McCartney (69) got married again. Nancy Shevell (51), the happy bride comes from the States and she too belongs to the elite. It is spoken, she was a good friend to McCartney's first wife, Linda Eastman.

AC WS1: final results in Cascais

The Cascais stage of America's Cup World Series went on Wednesday. There were some fleet races arranged to choose the best competitors who could enter the match race game. In this debut regatta of the AC45 class James Spithill (ORACLE) became the champion, followed by Dean Barker (Emirates Team New Zealand). The third place was achieved by Terry Hutchinson (Artemis Racin). Russell Coutts (ORACLE) concluded surprisingly just at the fifth place.

America's Cup in Cascais

it's mentioned as the oldest trophy of the sporting worldit's mentioned as the oldest trophy of the sporting world
(c) Gilles Martin-Raget August 2011.

AC - Cascais: próbanap

Tegnap próbanapot tartottak az AC versenyzőknek Cascais-ban:

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