Valentin six weeks old

sleeping lionletsleeping lionletOur lion-kid became six weeks old today.

Since my arrival too he's visibly increased the weight, he's walked toward a real man-like appearance. Since Sunday morning, he's made us happy so he started sleep daytime in two or even three hours long in one take. It's a phrase, an eternal truth that parents are satisfied from seeing their children in comfort and happyness; what the deep content of this belief is with a male baby crying! Every baby is a unique, great puzzle, whom we need to build a dedicated synchron with. Despite we have had previous experiences with children, we must learn the indications, the daily movement and operation of every such a little human beings.

The image was shot three days ago, at night, after having a long show and lots of turn walking until he got silent and slept quiet in my hand.

Huhhhh! ... That's all I can say.