Thanks and regards from Berlin

well, here I'm ...well, here I'm ...
Dear Friends!

Thank you all for the greetings, congratulations and tones of the shared joy you have sent to the birth of our little son. With Dad's help we filed all of them in this electronical memory book.

We are in good conditions, Valentine is to be soon three weeks old. He has good appetite, gets increase in the weight, he is a lovely baby. You can see him in the attached photo as he enjoys warm nesting by the arms of Alex's father. My Mom spent already a while with us, Dad would be to come in October. All in all, everything is OK around us.

Thank you once again, so many of you joined us in this nice family progress. Along Valentine's grawing, further news are to come.

We send our regards with love from Berlin,
Alex, Nóri, Valentin