Paul McCartney is married again

A great favourite of our youth, composer of The Beatles, Paul McCartney (69) got married again. Nancy Shevell (51), the happy bride comes from the States and she too belongs to the elite. It is spoken, she was a good friend to McCartney's first wife, Linda Eastman.

The wedding took place in London yesterday, followed by a familiar garden party at the McCartney's home in St. Johns Wood, London. The event was attended by McCartney's each children. His seven years old daughter (born in his second marriage with Heather Mills) was the bridesmaid, the bride's dress was made by his fashion designer daughter, Stella. Guests included Ringo Starr with his wife and George Harrison's widow, Olivia. Yoko Ono did not attend the event.

The other member of the Beatles author-couple, John Lennon would be 71 years old just today.

"Too'dooroo-doo'-doo too'dooroo-doo dooroottoo too'dooroodoo doodoo'ttoo … "
This is unmistakeable even in this form, isn't that?!

It was summer of '67 When I'm Sixty Four got to our ears the first time. We were teenagers, they, top stars walked in they twenties - there would be no approach for the present young ones of to be acquainted with the feeling, what The Beatles meant thouse days, how much popular and widely known they were! The song and the title scene was perfectly caught and favourized by us, hungarians. And it was a perfect absurdity! We were so young, it seemed a pure joke so sometimes we too would walk to our age of 64 years! Perhaps we loved this point, this absurdity too within the song, unmistakeable hearing from the first three tones. My goodness, how many beautiful events -travel preparations, weekends, port mood, journeys, fairs- were accompanied by this song during the long sequence of years!

Time has flawn. Couple of years later The Beatles was over. And now it is sad our facing the history as just Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr out of the Big Fours got to their 64th year. Time is running, we live in another kind of World, music too has got some inflation ... Our generation getting older spends the less and less nostalgy times on thouse years.

Though, how fine it is for us have return to them from time to time!

Original photos of the wedding: here!
Have bless on your marriage, Sir Paul!