2011 Meeting kite-surf the very first

At about the second half of the '70-s we, in Hungary got news about the windsurf. Some competitors of the year '77 470 European Championship at Rust, Austria brought with them surfs too and we could admire their practicing appearances on water. At Balaton we had a remarkable event in 1980: World Championship of windgliders. It is a part of my saved experiences as we met their race when we sailed toward our home ports from our Soling regatta. It was some incredible scene as they swept upon the wawes. Our yachts seemed a massive motorboat of public traffic type compared to windsurfes.

Now, a week later we met kitesurfers, first in our lives close to Szántód (the Southern shore of lake Balaton) (see my report in Hungarian here), I notice the same emotions. This is incredible, fantastic ...

We've celebrated the 50 years anniversary of our accomodating sport association, VVSz. Rowmen and rowladies, kayak-kanoe competitors and yachtmen ...

The clip below was not recorded at Szántód and it demonstrates real-life acts. There is no trick, no retouch. These sportmen in fact ride the surf and control the kite as we can see. It is shocking what is a human capable for; or can our imagination be too restricted?!

Should the visitor decide in his/her own!

Further info about kitesurf in Hungary at Fűzfő: -> www.surfstation.hu