Sail 2010 Amsterdam

Dear Fellow Sailors!

As an outcome of more of yours inspiration we share a film with you about tall ship sailing at Sail 2010. The experience now addresses one of our local sailing community preparing to celebrate the 50 years anniversary of their major sailing association at lake Velence (HUN)

The Sail Amsterdam fest is arranged every 5 years. Ih 1975 Amsterdam celebrated the 700 years anniversary of its establishment. A huge, water-based celebration was to rollout. This event proved a blasting success, so the city decided to repeat five years later. The event as a standard major fest of Amsterdam soon received a fixed place on the clock of the city. The event is an outstanding festival devoted to the european sailing and marine shipping. This last year event was the eighth in the queue.

The clip here is a tasteful of pattern from the fest. Seeing this film and its sisters, a yachtman will notice the many greatful constructions with appropriate field knowledge and various skills behind them.

Have a look and enjoy!

Sail 2010 website::

Thanks gentlemen Gábor Kiss, Dénes Kőkúti, Gábor Zalai for the idea!