Language challenges

With respect to our Berlin grandson and to the family-wing living there, it is our organic need to be a bit more familiar with German too. Starting a new stage of our life we face opening opportunities to refresh our many decades old sleeping knowledge and promote our German speaking skills into our everyday practice.

The laconic statement as nowadays language learning opportunities overwhelm every imagination, is fairly correct. There are below some starting milestones, what anybody can use immediately to improve his/her German skills.

Dual language books by Goethe Publisher - book2
Lessons and practices by selectable language pairs (native - target language)

  • English - German learning line: here
  • Language tests by Goethe Publisher: here
  • English - Hungarian learning line: here

... and their printed versions can be purchased.
Or you can download them to your Android phone)

On the examinations system of Goethe Institute here; Well, look at our own leverage! (German test) here - can be used for language learning too! here

Langenscheidt: Deutsch in 30 Tagen - a fast course. A booklet received from Nóri, containing double CD attachment. After a first trial, it can be commented, as it is a straigthforward, well-structured, excellent product. This is our subject.

Csaba Vass: The English language from the Hungarian view. Fríg Kiadó, Hungary. refer here

Csaba Vass: Our words from the past. Fríg Kiadó, Hungary. refer here

Csaba Vass: Magyar is - angol is. Fríg Kiadó, Hungary, refer here

Kuna Ágnes (ELTE): A jövevényszavak és az internacionalizmusok szerepe az idegennyelv-oktatásban magyar–német viszonylatban itt, and added as attachment below (Hungarian-German language bridge).

Well, go on citizens of Central-Europe! Let us extend the feeling, like living at home!

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