The History of Yachting in Hungary

Book of Gyapai  1927Book of Gyapai 1927the book mockupthe book mockup Our senior friend, Eugene Dulin, captain of Ábránd (yacht class Europe 30), multi times hungarian champion and winner of Balaton Cup, has worked for more years on his new book having the title above.

Anyák napja - 2015

Anyák napja - 2015

Language challenges

With respect to our Berlin grandson and to the family-wing living there, it is our organic need to be a bit more familiar with German too. Starting a new stage of our life we face opening opportunities to refresh our many decades old sleeping knowledge and promote our German speaking skills into our everyday practice.

Family snapshot

Well, each of us could have a pretty rainy, wet week.

Julias' arrived following their vacation. Valentin's first teeth is outside. Sophie prepares to her trip. Rita visited Mom, Julia's phone call could catch her when Rita was just leaving. We had Skype chat on our small and less important family-matters. My cousin arrived to Mom and she let us with Katie leave to enjoy a cinema film nearby (Grand Hotel Budapest).

Juli-Jet Feldbach-ban

... jöttek, láttak, győztek.

Juli-Jet Feldbach-ban

Zongora lépcső

Valentin féléves lett

Er ist 6 monaten alte / The little lion became 6 monthes old

Valentin féléves lett

Flood in the UK

I took a photo at the time of our former Salisbury visit (here).Flood in the UK: (photo: The Telegraph, Anthony Lewis)Flood in the UK: (photo: The Telegraph, Anthony Lewis)

The attached shot is published in the Telegraph. It is a moment out of the heavy storm making pains for the UK: the Salisbury Cathedral with the river Avon in flood. The photo includes the path of our old walk, I guess, it includes the gate where my photo was shot. Avon in normal circumstances is a 15-20m wide river here. Seeing the report, the entire river shore is under running water now.

Shocking ... our sympathy flies to Andy and friends around Salisbury.

First videophoning with the grandchildren

During the Christmas rush we had an opportunity catching our grandchildren at videophone. It is a great experience what partnership is offered by the two small kids. Both of them paid attention to our appearance on the screen.
little Lara: 13 monthes old, she has got four teeth already, and she is very talkativelittle Lara: 13 monthes old, she has got four teeth already, and she is very talkativehappy cricket: the first phone callhappy cricket: the first phone call Lara is 13 monthes old, Valentin is growing in his 4. month.

Return home

Two returns overlapped this weekend: Alex after his travel to Munnich and Stuttgart, Peter after the holiday time in Berlin with his new grandchild past - both returned to their home.

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