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Valentin six weeks old

sleeping lionletsleeping lionletOur lion-kid became six weeks old today.

Since my arrival too he's visibly increased the weight, he's walked toward a real man-like appearance. Since Sunday morning, he's made us happy so he started sleep daytime in two or even three hours long in one take. It's a phrase, an eternal truth that parents are satisfied from seeing their children in comfort and happyness; what the deep content of this belief is with a male baby crying! Every baby is a unique, great puzzle, whom we need to build a dedicated synchron with. Despite we have had previous experiences with children, we must learn the indications, the daily movement and operation of every such a little human beings.

The image was shot three days ago, at night, after having a long show and lots of turn walking until he got silent and slept quiet in my hand.

Huhhhh! ... That's all I can say.

On Judith's tour ...

Judith Durham sings a tourJudith Durham sings a tour At the time of the current series of great jubilees, sport events we have a concert in the opposite corner of the world! Click on the picture!

It is a tale that just a few seniors of us in Europe remember this lady with her great voice! I send my cheers to Judith's forthcoming tour. And you ?! ...


Paul McCartney is married again

A great favourite of our youth, composer of The Beatles, Paul McCartney (69) got married again. Nancy Shevell (51), the happy bride comes from the States and she too belongs to the elite. It is spoken, she was a good friend to McCartney's first wife, Linda Eastman.

A new song worth to know ...

At the time I got acquainted with Perpetuum Jazzile I found their Avsenik Medley song. It is an amazing performance stuffed with lots of play. It is fascinating so much, when the song is over the listener just goes on with crooning ...

Earthquake(-let) around us

USGS rengésnaplóUSGS rengésnaplóThe ground trembled in Telki.

We spent time at our solitaire lunch, watching to the TV news, when once we noticed the house was trembling. There was no significant change, nothing chaged location within the house attractively. We could feel the trembling that came out from the concret structure of the house. We could not hear any noise, everything was quiet outside. The entire story passed as long as 3-5 seconds. Then it stopped as short as it rose suddenly.

Abby reported in danger ... / OUTCOME: IN HEALTH, IN SAFETY!

Abby at end of JanuaryAbby at end of JanuaryThe young californian yachtlady, Abigail Sunderland (16, on solo round-the-world trip, homeward) is reported as being in trouble in the Indian Ocean. She has sailed somewhere halfway between Madagaskar and Australia. Weather conditions take 60 knots wind, 20-25 foot wawes - she sent unexpectedly two emergency alerts.

According to the family newsdesk she should be able to find some workaround in the tough situation.

GLOBALL - a new international soccer centre in Telki (Pest county)

I was really interested,view from the village of Telkiview from the village of Telki in the appearance of the new sport facilities, so I walked out to the site. The construction is in fact over, and it is completed in a straightforward finish. A brand new, blactop road takes us there from the roundabout, and the neighbourhood of the institution too shows orderliness. The grass and parks are beautiful, by now, immediately following the planting. I can vision right now how they get nicer as the vegetation grows month by month.

Still hot around

News also reminds how huge problem emerges for the agriculture along this long, rainless weeks: the 30-50% of this year production is to be lost so far. And if rain stays off the country, it further increases the loss. It would be our farmers' pleasure to afford and do trying to save the product with sprinkling, but there is no infrastructure built in order to take water from the Danube-Tisza channels to the plots ... my dear daughters, all these impact 200 thousand people in the hungarian country.

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