Vitéz arrived to the first target port

Gábor Rakonczay completed the first stage of his transatlantic canoe expedition. He arrived at port Las Palmas (Canary Islands) after cruising about 650 nautical miles (1200 kilometers) within 17 days.

First time achievement over the World!
Salute and congratulation!

His boat, Vitéz (7m long, with btto 600 kg weight; designed and built by Nándor Fa, the excellent hungarian skipper of Vendee Globe) went almost 100 km during the 16th day of the trip. Gábor navigated in fog and had some complaints about his shoulder - still, he was committed to get at shore the sooner.

His trip is a world-record. According to the public memory, noone has taken a similar offshore trip with such a small boat.

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