Summer concert-tour of Szentegyháza Child Philharmonie

the summer concert tourthe summer concert tourSzentegyháza is a hungarian settlement in Transsylvania with about 7000 citizens. The name is Vlahita in romanian language. The township's been famous by its musical life organized from the primary school.

Szentegyháza Child Philharmonie has had a more decades long track on our musical horizon. The ensemble is constituted of a choir of as many as 100 members and of a symphonic orchestra counting 50 members. During the last three decades the orchestra brougth up more generations of young vocalists and musicians, while it won lots of prizes and awards throughout Romania and Hungary. Well, this orchestra enjoys again increasing welcome at numerous locations, where it is scheduled to stop for a performance along their annual summer concert tour.

We kindly draw the reader's attention at these concert, and offer so let her/him attend the nearest event! You can slightly sample the mood of their concert in our photo album prepared one year ago.